Please Send Us Your Feedback
"Very patient seller, great deals, and the corals are super
healthy!  I've been buying from Epic Corals for about 6
months and all the corals I've  purchased are still very healthy!
"Review by: Mario
"Does a great job with packaging every time! Giving a
guarantee on the corals made me a repeat customer. Also
very polite and easy to talk to, and the selection is great!
Overall I really enjoyed getting frags from Epic Corals!

Review by: Adyn
"Hey guys and gals, just wanted to give a shout out to
Epic Corals.  I've purchased several corals and frags from
Brock (owner) and have been very satisfied with the service
and especially the products. He has lots of various corals
and lots of vibrant colors. So I want to personally thank him  
for everything.

Review by: Lionel (Smitty)
"I have been dealing with Brock for over a year. Almost
everything in my tank is from Epic Corals and thriving
wonderfully. Not only is Brock knowledgeable but he is
overall a generous and nice person.  I will continue to do
business with Epic Corals and wish Brock all the best and
hope his company continues to grow!

Review by: Doug
"I purchased a few frags from EPIC and so far so good.
Brock is a man of his word and super professional.  I look
forward to future purchases with EPIC.

Review by: Adam
"The drive was wroth it, the help was wroth it, the corals are
really wroth it. He also asked me to keep him up to date on the
frags I bought. Yes I would buy and deal with Epic corals
again. Should open a store.

Review by: Oscar