"I've bought a lot of frags from Epic Corals and love the
quality of the corals, great colors, lots to choose from and
the service is top notch. I will definitely be getting more frags
from Epic.

Review by: Chris
"My hour and a half drive was definitely worth it. All of
Epic's corals are super healthy and colorful. He does an
awesome job bagging them up even if your just driving them
straight home. Everything opened up fully within about 15
minutes of being in my tank! I'm definitely going to buy from
these guys again!

Review by: Steve
"Not close to my house but the drive was worth it, plan on
returning soon. They really care about the quality of there
product and future of the customer. I plan on dealing with
them more in the future.

Review by; Ty

"the corals that i buy from here are cool looking. Epics
pictures are awesome looking too. If your looking for good
coral, epic corals is the place. Will continue to do buy from

Review by: Dave